Siding is the protective material used for home exteriors. It endures lots of abuse and it’s the one part of the house that gets the dirtiest.

There are many types of siding and picking one or the other can greatly determine whether the cleaning process will be a breeze or a nightmare!

That’s why we’ve developed an introductory guide to the main types of siding and how to properly clean every one of them!

Basic Rules

While there are many types of siding available, there are a couple of ground rules you should be following when dealing with siding maintenance

  1. You must clean your siding when the sun is not hitting your house directly. 
  2. Since it’s a very big area, you must wash, scrub and rinse by sections before moving on to the next one. 
  3. Follow the specifications for your type of siding. 

Now, with the basic rules already in place, we can move on to the types of siding we’ll talk about today. Since it’s an introductory guide, we’ll focus on the more common siding materials: vinyl, wood and brick. Let’s get started!


Vinyl is one of the most common siding solutions for residential use since it’s easy to care for and it withstands tough weather conditions. The main gripe with it is it can get pretty grimy due to the outdoors. 

To clean vinyl siding, you must read the manufacturer’s instructions, but one main component is you should always use cold water when washing these types of siding. 


Whether painted, sealed, or left to weather naturally will always benefit from a gentle scrub from time to time. You shouldn’t really be power washing your wood siding unless you have hired a professional since it takes a very careful hand to do it without damaging the siding.


Finally, there’s brick. A rugged siding solution that can last for generations. If you plan on scrubbing, you’ll definitely need a coarser brush to get the debris that’s embedded in the structure. 

But, if you want to get deep into it, you should consider power washing. Siding materials like brick are one of the reasons power washing even exists, just be careful and hire a professional!

All Your Siding Cleaning Needs In One Place!

Cleaning your siding is no easy task. It can get pretty extreme. Getting a hand is a no-brainer in this situation. Fortunately, we’ve got your back!

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