Replacement vs. Repair: What’s Right for Your Gutter?

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Replacement vs. Repair Whats Right for Your Gutter

Fixing or replacing a damaged item might be one of the most difficult things to decide for household or general maintenance. 

On one side, you have the convenience of just changing a damaged piece and not having to worry about it anymore. On the other hand, this usually costs a lot more money than fixing it yourself or employing a repair service company. 

When dealing with gutters, things can get as hard if not harder. That’s why, up next, we’ve developed a comprehensive guide to lead you through this difficult decision-making process. 

You Should Repair Your Gutters If…

  1. Damage is localized: a good thing about gutters is that the structure has a modular characteristic, which is important since a single localized damaged area won’t be an issue for the rest. That means a simple sealant fix might be enough if the damage is confined to a couple of spots!
  2. The leaking areas are small: if the leaking areas are small and located in the joints, you probably will only need to securely fasten the loose areas.
  3. A couple of loose hangers: securing the hangers either by tightening the existing screws or making new holes won’t pose a challenge if you have a drill. If the existing hangers are bent, you might need to replace them.

You Should Replace Your Gutters If…

  1. There are just too many small repairs to be done: sometimes too many small repairs can get costly, and you might be better off replacing the whole thing at once.
  2. Hangers won’t stay screwed in place: if the screws won’t stay in a place that probably means your fascia boards are rotten and deteriorated. These can be repaired by most gutter repair and replacement contractors around. 
  3. Sections just won’t stay together: if the gutter’s sections just seem like they will never stay together, it might be best to try a seamless gutter solution so it doesn’t happen again.

The Takeaway

Sometimes, what might seem like huge replacement work can get solved by a small fix, saving you lots of money in the process. When things get a little difficult, don’t panic! It’s a sign you should consult a professional. 

Install Solutions offers you a comprehensive gutter replacement and cleaning solutions in Delaware. Our superior team of experts will gladly help with whatever you need. Trust us; we’ll find the best solution to your problem! Even if your gutter needs to be replaced or only to get repaired, Install Solutions is here to help!



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