How Can You Tell If You Have Missing Shingles?

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Shingle repair Install Solutions

Do you suspect that you have missing shingles? Heavy rain, wind, or a hail storm can cause some of your shingles to go missing. Be sure to always check your roof after arduous weather. 

Shingles are the essence of sturdy residential roofing structures. In a way, every shingle counts. When a shingle is missing, the likelihood of a leak depends on whether the lost shingle was covering the seam between two others. A missing shingle could later be the cause of a roof repair. 

Moreover, missing shingles could cause more problems over time if the surrounding shingles are affected by exposure to water, wind, and sunlight. The older the roof is, the greater the chances are of possible leaks. 

Leaks Are a Major Threat To The Integrity Of Your House 

Leaks lead to damage inside your home, including the attic, crawlspace, ceilings, and insulation. What makes this problematic is that you may not find this interior water damage until it progresses and requires a roof replacement. To avoid water damage to your home, replace missing shingles as soon as you are aware of them.

How You Can Repair Missing Shingles

Follow these steps to work on your shingle repairing skills! 

  • Check The Weather Report 

There is no point in roof repairs if the rain and wind are going to ruin your work. 

  • Get The Required Tools and Materials

You will need a flat bar, asphalt roofing cement, replacement shingles, and roofing nails.

  • Remove The Damaged Shingles

Use the flat bar to separate the damaged shingles from the ones around them. Lift the damaged portion and spread a layer of asphalt roofing cement under it.

  • Remove The Nails

Move the flat bar through the glue holding the shingles together. Then, remove the nails underneath the shingles. If the damaged shingles do not come off after removing the nails, remove the nails from the row above as well.

  • Slide Out The Old Shingle

Once you pull out the old shingle, slide in the new one. Do not force the old shingle to slide out if it does not come out easily since you may damage other areas of your roof.

         Nail Down The Shingle
Make sure to use waterproof roofing nails specifically since these will last longer. Use at least four nails to nail down the new shingle. 

  • Seal Space Around The Nails

Once you’ve nailed down the shingles, apply sealant around the nails to seal against water leakage.

  • Glue Down The Bottom Of The Shingles And Your Shingle is Repaired

Apply it all along the bottom of the single and press down.

Make Sure You Hire Professionals To Do The Job

Roofers are trained professionals that can spot problems that you may overlook. They perform all kinds of repairs, from small repairs such as a single shingle repair to big issues such as complete roof replacement. Roofers are able to install new shingles without disturbing the surrounding areas of the roof. 

Most importantly, if your roof has other leaks or issues, they will spot and fix these during inspection immediately to avoid further damage.

Suppose you have experienced heavy rain or wind and fear that you may start to see leaks in your roof (or perhaps you already have leaks). In that case, it is important to call your roofing company for a residential roofing repair.

Don’t Take The Risk – Call Install Solutions LLC

If you are in Delaware, be sure to check out Install Solutions. We are located in Magnolia, Delaware, and provide our services to all near locations. 

At Install Solutions, we count on a team of trustworthy professionals ready to supply any residential roofing services you need. Our residential roofing repair company ends every job with an inspection from a roofer with 20+ years of experience to ensure your satisfaction. 

At Install Solutions, now in Delaware, we ease the roofing process with the insurance company and provide no-cost estimates. 


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