Does My Roof Need A Repair Or A Total Replacement?


Have you ever wondered if your roof needs repair or a replacement? It may be a common question since roofing is difficult to reach by sight, so it may be hard to identify on time if there’s a problem. Proper constant maintenance will help prevent your roofing from an emergency and save you from high-cost work. 

Just as anything you can imagine, the more you take care of it, the more it will last! That’s exactly the case with your roofing system. Having your roof checked periodically can help prevent big damages at a lower cost. 

When To Replace Your Roof?

Roof replacement is most likely to be the last call for your roof. Although, it comes with some benefits, such as new-looking and best aesthetic for your home! Also, replacing it with a new one will have all of your roofing problems solved for a longer period. These are some of the signs you need to consider when replacing your roof:

Roof Lifetime’s Over

If your roof is over 20 years old, it’s most likely to replace it with a new one. That’s pretty much your roofing lifetime due to years of rain, snow, sun, wind, and other factors, considering the materials and technique used at the first installation moment.


Leaks may cause a huge roofing mess if they’re not detected on time. From damage to the internal ceiling and walls to long-term structural problems, is better for your roof to stay away from leaks. If this is your position, you may need a roof replacement. 

Extreme Weather

Extreme weather conditions are a big call for a roof replacement! Whether it is a tornado, hail, hurricane, or extreme winds, you better want to have your roof replaced with a new one before more damage occurs. 

When To Repair Your Roof?

Constant maintenance and repairing are more affordable than replacing and are the best way to keep your roofing lifespan longer. These are some of the problems that may need roofing repair:

  • Missing Shingles
  • Exposed Nails
  • Poor Installation
  • Cracking
  • Poor Maintenance
  • Holes


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