The Best Time Of The Year To Replace Your Roof!


Roof replacement has to be done strategically due to external factors that may affect the process. This is key for outstanding work, and that’s why your roofing contractor needs the knowledge and experience to suggest the best time for roof replacement without having to risk anything in between. Keep reading to find out!

Roofing is a huge part of your home, so replacing it is a decision that shouldn’t be made quickly. You got to make sure the weather is on your side for cooperation and that you’re working with a professional roofing contractor, skilled workmanship, and premium materials. 

Now, let’s get into the real question! When is the best time of the year to replace my roof? Seasons are key when asking this; whether it is summer or winter, fall or spring, it is important to know the pros and cons of each of them when it comes to roof replacement. 


Dover’s Weather And How It Affects Roof Replacement




Summer in Dover, DE, is warm, muggy, and wet. These days are pretty popular when making home changes since days are long and the sky is clear! So you may want to book your roofing contractor as soon as possible. Summer also has cons when replacing your roof. Work conditions could turn uncomfortable for the specialists due to extreme heat, and depending on the work, some materials could melt or soften. 


Fall brings almost perfect weather conditions for roof replacement. It is a great time to make home changes! You’ll want to ask your contractor for availability during this period before winter comes!


Winter in Dover is very cold and snowy, so working on your roof could turn into a difficult task. During these times, roofings are probably covered in snow and ice, so it may be hard for professionals to access your roof or make use of necessary equipment such as ladders or harnesses. 


Even though rain may come in between, this is also a great time to have your roofing contractors over for a renewal project! However, the roofing crew has to be careful because it may be slippery sometimes and nobody wants to get hurt, right?

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