How to Spot Damage Signs in your Commercial Roofing

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How to Spot Damage Signs in your Commercial Roofing

Doing periodical visual inspections of the roof in your building can be a great time and money saver. If you spot an issue in time, you might be able to minimize the cost of your commercial roofing repair process.

We’ve already established that making sure to check for warning signs is a must for any commercial roof owner. But what are the things you should be on the lookout for?

Up next, we mention some of the most common warning signs when dealing with commercial roofing.

Puddling Water

While the inspections should be a couple of times a year, we recommend having a quick look at your roof after heavy rain. If you see puddles across it, it’s a telltale sign the drainage system is not working properly. 

This can lead to other issues, so it’s best to have a commercial roofing professional have a look at it!

Cracking and Tearing

If some cracking, bubbles, or blisters appear in your roof, this might indicate trapped moisture that could then turn into a leakage issue. Ignoring them when they’re starting might prove fatal in the long run!


Well, this might be a bit obvious, but if water leaks on your building when it rains, you should probably contact a professional to take care of it. If left unattended, it will get worse over time.

Water Spots

Having water spots on your ceiling inevitably means you have a leaking roof. As before, check it before your roof gets more damaged, and you need to look for a commercial roof replacement. This is a very costly procedure that you want to avoid as much as you can!


If there’s mold or a mold smell, it definitely means water is infiltrating your roofing system. Whether due to damaged draining systems or cracks in your surface, having a professional look at it is the best way to determine what needs to be done.

Commercial Roofing Repair Solutions in Delaware 

If you get into a jam and need to have your commercial roof professionally inspected, look no further than Install Solutions. 

We all know that inspecting a roof can get pretty stressful. Still, our superior team of technicians will make the evaluation feel like a breeze. With comprehensive diagnostics, unbeatable prices, and top-tier customer service, Install Solutions has got it all! Don’t wait any longer, and reach out to the commercial roofing experts!


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